SenseTime Launches SenseRobot Smart Lamp, Modernize Family Life with Advanced AI Technology

Beijing, 3 January 2024 – SenseTime, a global leading AI software company, introduced SenseRobot Smart Lamp (“Smart Lamp”) as the latest member of its “SenseRobot” product series. Committed to bring cutting-edge AI technology to every household, SenseTime designed its first AI desk lamp tailored for students with three major AI-powered functions: eye protection, posture correction, and concentration enhancement. It is equipped with full-spectrum natural light that exceeds China’s AA certification standards for eye protection desk lamps, and at the same time offers unique AI-powered features such as posture correction reminders, concentration detection and light adjustment based on book movement. These features are designed to prevent health issues like myopia, back pain, spinal dysfunction, while creating a more comfortable and relaxing learning environment.

Ma Kun, Co-founder of SenseTime and President of SenseRobot, commented, “SenseTime strives to build AI products that are people-oriented and driven by love, making AI visible, tangible, and accessible to everyone. The SenseRobot Smart Lamp combines SenseTime’s leading AI technology with astute insights into students’ needs for a conducive learning environment. We hope to transform desk lamp into an inspirational and valuable part of the household, not only serving as a guardian of children’s healthy growth, but also a pioneer in the era of intelligent desk lamps 3.0.”

SenseRobot Smart Lamp is designed for students with three major AI-powered functions: eye protection, posture correction, and concentration enhancement

Eye Protection Feature Exceeds National AA Level with a Touch of Modern “Dual-Wing” Design

According to a recent study[1] in Hong Kong, the number of young children suffering from myopia has reached record high. The prevalence of myopia among children aged 6 to 8 has risen to 36.2% and it is expected to remain high over the next few years. The heavy academic workload for students and prolonged exposure to poor lighting conditions while studying might significantly impact students’ visual health. Therefore, it is critical to choose a professional eye-protective desk lamp with high-quality light source to safeguard children’s vision and help prevent myopia.

The Smart Lamp’s eye protection standard exceeds the national AA level certification criteria. It features full-spectrum light that mimics natural daylight, does not pose any blue light hazard with Rg0 exemption level, and also eliminates visible flickering, effectively alleviating eye fatigue that occurs during prolonged reading. Additionally, the Smart Lamp can dynamically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to environmental conditions to create a comfortable atmosphere. The dual-light design prevents direct exposure to the light source and ensures a healthy, comfortable, and high-quality lighting to protect children’s eyesight.

With its sleek and futuristic appearance and sci-fi design elements, the ultra-wide dual-wings resemble the solar array wings of a space station, and at the same time enable curved reflection and wide-angle light diffusion. The Smart Lamp brings the source of light from the era of AI into family learning environment, and not only serves as a supportive companion for students’ studies, but also help children maintain good posture and enhance concentration.

The ultra-wide dual-wings resemble the solar array wings of a space station and enable curved reflection and wide-angle light diffusion

Three Major AI Technology Innovations Including Industry’s First AI Spotlight

The Smart Lamp creatively utilizes AI computer vision technology to introduce three major AI features on top of professional eye protection: posture reminder, concentration detection along with a spotlight function to safeguard children’s eyes and spinal health while improving their focus for learning.

  • AI Posture Reminder: Through 3D analysis of human body’s skeletal joints, the Smart Lamp can identify 10 types of sitting postures with an accuracy rate of over 95%. When a poor posture is detected, such as leaning to the left, right, or forward, the Smart Lamp will send a gentle voice reminder to encourage children to correct their postures and prevent scoliosis.
  • AI Concentration Detection: The Smart Lamp can perceive children’s level of concentration and remind them to take breaks when needed, enhancing their learning efficiency.
  • AI Spotlight: A pioneering feature in the smart desk lamp industry, this allows the light to move along with the book. Using its visual sensors, the Smart Lamp guides the focus of the light on the book, and hence always keeping the book at the center of the light spot. It creates an optimal reading position to help children focus on their study materials.

Smart Lamp strives to improve overall energy efficiency with an AI seat vacancy sensor, which will automatically turn off after 3 minutes when a child leaves the seat. Moreover, the Smart Lamp can generate real-time reports on a mobile app with AI-generated data. This allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s progress and observe changes in their development. For example, the posture report helps parents monitor their children’s posture, track their tendency for incorrect postures, and thus provide appropriate corrections and guidance. The Smart Lamp can also generate a report on the children’s concentration level that shows the percentage of concentration time, eye protection curve, eye fatigue level, along with other data to help parents better understand their children’s ability to focus.

SenseRobot always places great emphasis on user privacy and security. The Smart Lamp employs various measures to safeguard user privacy, such as physical shielding and strict policy on not collecting environmental information. Users are also given the options to choose between the digital human mode or the snapshot image mode. Advanced data encryption techniques are implemented to provide comprehensive protection of personal privacy.

The SenseRobot Smart Lamp is now available for pre-order on JD.com and Tmall, at a retail price of RMB1,699.


[1]The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 30 August 2023: https://www.cpr.cuhk.edu.hk/tc/press/cuhk-study-reveals-prevalence-of-myopia-in-children-has-reached-record-high-in-hong-kong/