Former Fidelity International Executive Luc Froehlich Joins Layer N Advisory Board

PALO ALTO, CA – Layer N, the Ethereum L2 network backed by Founders Fund, today announced the appointment of Luc Froehlich to its advisory board. As an advisor to Layer N, he will help guide the company’s RWA (real-world asset), TradFi, and tokenization strategies.

“We are excited to welcome Luc to our advisory board and look forward to utilizing his insights on the intersection of digital assets and traditional finance to help support projects that leverage our technology to push the RWA and tokenization space forward,” said Dima Romanov, CEO and Co-Founder of Layer N. “Our mission is to expand what is possible on-chain and maximize composability and capital efficiency. Having Luc on our team will allow us to thoughtfully focus on strategies towards moving the financial world on-chain, especially on the RWA front.”

Prior to becoming an advisor to Layer N, Luc spent seven years at Fidelity International where in his last role as the Global Head of Digital Asset Solutions, he kick-started the company’s journey into cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets for institutional investors. He began his career as a Credit Analyst at Credit Suisse and followed by managing and trading credit derivatives and fixed income instruments for institutional clients from pension funds to central banks. Luc has served as an advisor to a range of fintech start-ups and co-authored research papers on distributed ledger technology, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies with the World Economic Forum.

“TradFi is experimenting with tokenization and digital assets, but with the lack of industry standards, we are seeing siloed liquidity and challenges around product-market fit,” said Luc Froehlich, the newest advisory board member at Layer N. “With Layer N’s next-generation solution in Ethereum scaling, a purpose-built infrastructure for finance and an enhanced user experience, it brings credible solutions to those challenges. I look forward to working with the Layer N team, onboarding developers and projects building on their technology, and closing the gap between traditional and on-chain finance.”

Layer N is leading the charge on creating a foundation for the next wave of decentralized applications. By overcoming the current limitations of other Ethereum scaling solutions, the team’s mission is to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology and where it can fit within the landscape of financial tools institutions and traders use on a regular basis.

About Layer N

Layer N is an Ethereum StateNet, a novel L2 designed as a network of custom and optimized rollups powered by a shared communication and liquidity layer. Layer N aims to expand what’s possible to build on-chain by maximizing performance and UX, while enabling seamless communication, liquidity sharing, and composability between applications, without withdrawal periods and bridging risks.