Making Web 3.0 and NFTs Easy 


The world of Web 3.0 and NFT is fascinating and full of promise. While many are eager to kickstart their journey, the disjointed ecosystem makes entering the ecosystem for those new to Web 3.0 extremely difficult. However, that’s all going to change. DTTD, the Animoca Brands-backed Web 3.0 start-up, has created a solution tailored to bring the next billion users on board. We had a chat with Bosco Lin, to discuss how DTTD simplify the onboarding experience of Web 3.0 and their plans.  

DTTD is the world's first mobile-based NFT social wallet, aiming to make Web 3.0 accessible to everyone.


Bosco Lin — Co-founder and CEO of DTTD

Could you tell our readers a bit more about DTTD?  

DTTD is the world’s first mobile-based NFT social wallet, aiming to make Web 3.0 accessible to everyone. The DTTD app was designed to manage an entire NFT collection easily through mobile phones. It allows a user to connect their existing MetaMask wallets or any easy-to-use custodial wallet.  

In addition to acting as an entry point into a user’s Web 3.0 journey, we’ve introduced social elements into the NFT space. Our users can share their collections, view the latest NFT news, and message other wallets through DTTD’s native in-app chat easily at their fingertips. It supports multiple blockchains, Ethereum and Polygon, which cover 97% of the entire NFT sector including games, collectibles, and marketplaces. With more protocols to be introduced next year.  

What inspired you to create an NFT-first mobile social wallet 

Since 2020, we’ve seen interest and demand for NFTs and Web 3.0 growing massively. McKinsey & Company estimates Web 3.0 to be valued at US$5 trillion and have 5 billion users by 2030. Yet, there are still hurdles to overcome for NFT to mass adopt.   

The current ecosystem is too fragmented and complex for the mass market. Each Blockchain operates on a separate infrastructure, often requiring separate wallets and software to be used. In addition, these tools and services were designed and optimized for desktops. The reality is most of the world, especially in Asia, use their phones to interact with the internet. We believe that NFTs and Web 3.0 should be no different and built a solution tailored to their experience.  

Since launching the NFT social wallet in September, DTTD has already partnered with renowned brands like Bupa Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Palace Museum, and the Digital Art Fair to provide NFT experiences for their clients.  

The DTTD app was designed to manage an entire NFT collection easily through mobile phones. 

How is DTTD helping businesses tap into the Web 3.0 world to engage with customers through NFTs?  

An NFT provides brands to form long-term relationships with clients based on direct engagement and reoccurring rewards. By dropping an NFT, you are connected to the customer for as long as they hold the NFT. In addition to forming these relationships, NFTs provide novel and innovative ways to engage with clients. However, despite all the excitement, brands get stuck in the practicality of where to begin.  

That is where we come in. DTTD has created a simple and seamless solution to help brands begin their journey into Web 3.0. We provide a platform to mint and distribute NFTs seamlessly to clients without the need for them to hold or touch cryptocurrency. Moreover, our easy-to-use interface and simple onboarding experience help corporates to set foot in Web 3.0 and sustain a close connection with their clients.   


DTTD has created a simple and seamless solution to help brands begin their journey into Web 3.0. It provides a platform to mint and distribute NFTs seamlessly to clients without the need for them to hold or touch cryptocurrency.

DTTD was also designed with creators and projects in mind. What are the reasons behind this? 

We are dedicated to supporting the next generation of creators and believe that NFTs represent the best way to build a prosperous Web 3.0 community. We believe the spirit of Web 3.0 is all about creation and collaboration. We are proud to collaborate with creators to provide them with a platform for users to discover their work and allow them to benefit.  

We recently held a campaign called “Dotted Spotted,” to highlight the work of the Web 3.0 NFT artists to our community. During the 10-day campaign, we displayed the artwork of 2 NFT artists daily. Our users could directly connect and chat with an artist with DTTD’s wallet-to-wallet chat. Several of the participants told us how grateful it was to be exposed to a new community of tens of thousands of users. 

What excites you about Web3 and the future of your industry? 

Web 3.0 has become a highly engaging topic in the last few years and we are very excited to see more people and brands being interested to explore. We are true believers in its potential and the transformative nature of NFTs. It represents a change in how a digital good is valued. Through our platform, you can find a community and connect, interact and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. We’re most excited about the way tools like DTTD are re-introducing the social aspects of collecting and how we will drive mass adoption.  

Could you give us a sneak peek of the roadmap? What are the future plans of DTTD? 

We have a lot more exciting new features launching soon this year. One of these new features will be P2P trade where users can trade their NFTs with our wallet owners directly through our native in-app chat. As a multi-blockchain NFT social wallet, we will support additional protocols down the road. On the partnership side, we have some new partnerships to announce soon, so stay tuned!  

There is an old saying that rings a lot of truth when speaking about DTTD – the first step is always the hardest. DTTD has successfully simplified what was a complex journey, opening the door of the Web 3.0 world to everyone. As strong believers in Web 3.0 and NFTs, BlackPine is proud to be an early supporter of Bosco and the DTTD team. We look forward to seeing DTTD onboarding the next billion users onto Web 3.0 with their NFT social wallet! 
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